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Dual Channel Lithium Battery Charger
Adjustable charging / 3 working modes / LCD screen
SkyRC PC1080 is a dual channel 6S LiPo charger for industrial application drones. It is reliable, safe and easy to operate while with comprehensive functionality, like battery voltage meter, internal resistance meter, LiHV charging mode, also the time saving synchronization mode.

Maximum Charge Power


Maximum Charge Current

Balance Charge
(6S LiPo)


Battery Voltage

Battery Resistance

Maximum Safety
AC Input
Storage Mode
Firmware update
Ergonomic design; Intuitive user interface; Portable with PVC handle.
LiPo & LiHV Supported
It can fast charge, balance charge and storage both LiHV and LiPo batteries. Press “UP” and “DOWN” key together to switch battery type.
3 Working Modes
Quality Safety
Charger through the EU CE certification, the United States FCC certification, in line with the RoHS standard, product quality and safety and reliability, so that users can rest assured that the use of security.
Strong Technical Strength
Strong technical strength to support, the software system has been optimized for many times, so that the charger output current is more stable, more reliable.
Multiple Protection Function
Short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, over temperature protection, multiple protection function, software system regularly updated maintenance, through firmware upgrades, can experience more new features, so that you use more secure.
Multi-Charger Synchronization
This function enables user to control 2 or more PC1080 charger at the same time via datacable. All the SLAVE channel will follows the settings of MASTER channel, which saves much time while charging a bunch of similar batteries.
Battery Internal Resistance Meter
With this function, internalresistance of each cell will be displayed on the screen. Internal resistance is a key feature which reflects the health status of the battery, the lower internal resistance indicates the higher battery quality. Also this value can help you pair your batteries.
Battery resistance Total resistance
What’s in the Box
AC Power Cord
Data cable
Dual Port Safe Parrallel Adapter
AS150 Charging cable
Data cable
Input Voltage
Output Power
1080W (540W x 2)
Discharge Power
100W (50W x 2)
Charge Current
1.0-20.0A x 2
Balance Current
Battery Type
Battery Cell Count
6S x 2
Working Mode
Balance Charge Mode
Storage Mode
Charge Mode
Net Weight
Length : 272mm
Width  : 202mm
Height : 118.6mm
Manual Download