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Suitable for 1/10th and 1/12th racing cars
Support 2-3s LiPo battery
Adjustable BEC: 5A and 6.0V/7.4V selectable voltage
Built in power switch
Programmed via PC, smart phone and program box
Aluminum case for better heat dissipation
Well-performed throttle and brake control function
Built in capacitor
Multiple Protection 
Cooling Fan (8V 0.2A 20000RPM)
Aluminum Case Thermal Sheet Terminal Aluminum Case PCB (6 layers -4Oz) Thermal Sheet PCB
10 User Modifiable Profiles
The users could set and store 10 sets of profiles in the ESC. These data could be called up at any time without any special program setting. All the setting can be exported or imported so that the user could compare and analyze.
Programming Method
It can be programmed by program box, smart phone and PC.
1, program box (SK-300046)
2, Smart phone via Wi-Fi Module (SK-600075)
3, PC (SKYRC USB Link software installed) connect SKYLINK (SK-600013)
Adjustable And Advanced Turbo And Boost Timing System
Users could set the turbo and boost timing which can improve the motor RPM to get its best performance.
Constant/Burst Current
Motor Compatible
Brushless Sensor & Sensorless ESC
Car Compatible
1/10, 1/12 all competitions;1/10 and 1/8 Crawlers
Motor Limits
2S Lipo or 4-6S NiMH
≥3.5T(1/10 on-road)
≥5.5T(1/10 off-road)
3S Lipo or 7-9S NiMH
≥5.5T(1/10 on-road)
≥8.5T(1/10 off-road)
Battery Cell Count
4-9S NiMH or 2-3S LiPo
BEC Output
6V/7.4V@5A, switch
8V@0.2A , MAX 12.6V
45g (without wire)
Length : 35.6mm
Width  : 30.6mm
Height : 22.5mm
Manual Download
Software Download