2017-04-15    [UPDATE] D400 New Firmware V1.04 Released
    2017-04-07    Authentication System Upgrade Notice
    2017-03-01    Authentication System Notice
    2016-12-15    MC3000 – FIRMWARE V1.13 UPDATE NOTICE
    2016-11-25    [Update] D400 New Firmware V1.03 Released
    2016-11-11    MC3000 – FIRMWARE V1.12 UPDATE NOTICE
    2016-09-23    Holiday Notice - 2016 Chinese National Day
    2016-09-22    [Update Notice] B6AC/ B6mini Calibration
    2016-06-23    MC3000 – FIRMWARE V1.11 UPDATE NOTICE
    2016-02-01    Holiday Notice - 2016 Chinese New Year
    2015-10-24    Holiday Notice - 2015 Chinese National Day
    2015-10-24    B6 mini & B6 AC V2 & B6 AC + V2 – Firmware V1.13 Update……
    2015-09-01    Holiday Notice - 2015 Chinese National Holiday
    2015-09-01    Charger Master V2.02 & V3.02 Update Notice
    2015-08-27    Charger Master V1.02 Update Notice
    2015-08-26    TS120 & TS160 - Firmware Update Notice
    2015-03-25    D100 Charger – Firmware/Software Update Notice!
    2015-02-27    [ Update] B6 mini New Software Version V1.12 Released
    2015-02-25    D100 Charger - Mobile Application is under test!
    2015-02-12    Holiday Notice - 2015 Chinese New Year
    2015-02-11    2015 Annual Dinner Party to Celebrate the Coming Year of the Goat……
    2015-02-10    SKYRC at 2015 Nuremberg Toy Fair
    2015-01-23    [ New Product ] D100 Charger Released
    2015-01-21    [ New Product ] Toro EX 200A ESC
    2014-12-31    Holiday Notice - 2015 New Year Holiday
    2014-12-25    SKYRC to Attend Nuremberg Toy Fair with New Products from 28 Jan……
    2014-12-24    [ New Product ] Toro TS120 Upgrade Version with Aluminum Case Rel……
    2014-12-04    [ New Product ] 1000W / 40A Synchronous Balance Charger Availabl……
    2014-09-27    Holiday Notice - 2014 National Day
    2014-01-06    Holiday Notice - 2014 Chinese New Year
    2014-01-02    SKYRC Exhibiting at Nurnberg Spielwarenmesse 2014
    2013-09-26    Holiday Notice - 2013 Chinese National Day
    2013-08-16    SKYRC Drivers won in " National Fitness Cup " 2013
    2013-08-14    [Updated] TS 120A ESC Latest Software [ V1.05] is Updated on Our ……
    2013-08-02    Xiamen 3 Days trip - Happy 5th Anniversary
    2013-06-07    Holiday Notice - 2013 Dragon Boat Festival
    2013-03-23    [ New Product ] T6755 Touch Screen AC charger Available Now
    2013-01-12    Holiday Notice - 2013 Chinese New Year
    2013-01-11    A nice trip to Happy Valley&Happy Coast
    2012-12-29    Holiday Notice - 2013 New Year Holiday
    2012-12-14    SKYRC Exhibiting at Nurnberg Spielwarenmesse 2013
    2012-12-10    [ New Product ] Power Switch for Nitro RC Car Released
    2012-11-27    [ New Products ] BEC Family Available Now
    2012-11-21    [ New Products ] New Version Power supply Available Now
    2012-11-15    [ New Product ] Digital Pitch Gauge Available Now
    2012-11-14    [ New Product ] E Series Chargers Are Available Now
    2012-09-12    Holiday Notice - 2012 National Day
    2012-06-21    Holiday Notice - 2012 Dragon Boat Festival
    2012-06-19    Work Hard Play Harder- One-day Trip to Dongguan
    2012-05-11    Super Rider SR4 in 2012 Beijing Hobby Expo
    2012-04-18    Hobby Expo China 2012 Coming Soon !
    2012-02-23    SKYRC 2012 New Year Party
    2012-01-06    Holiday Notice - 2012 Chinese New Year
    2011-12-16    SKYRC Exhibiting at Nurnberg Spielwarenmesse 2012
    2011-09-30    Holiday Notice - 2011 China National Holiday
    2011-09-26    Work Hard Play Harder - Rafting in Qingyuan
    2011-09-20    SKYRC at 2011 SIME
    2011-07-12    SKYRC Attending the 8th SIME from 2nd to 4th,Sep in Shanghai
    2011-04-27    Meet us at The 10th China Model Exposition 2011,Beijing
    2011-01-29    SkyRC to Attend the the Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair 2……
    2010-02-03    Welcome to visit SKYRC at the 61st International Toy Fair Nurnber……
    2009-08-26    SKYRC to participate in 3rd Shenzhen International Model Exhibiti……
    2009-01-23    SKYRC is closed for Chinese Lunar New Year
    2009-05-21     2009 Shanghai Model Show from 6th June to 8th June
    2008-10-28    SKYRC introduces authentication system to ensure high customer sa……
    2008-09-22    Witness SKYRC at 24th iHobby Expo
    2008-09-19    SKYRC to Unveil new products at 8th China Model Exposition
    2008-06-06    SKYRC will attend the 5th Shanghai International Mode Exhibition
    2008-01-30    Welcome to visit SKYRC at the 59th International Toy Fair Nurnber……


    SkyRC Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most reputable manufacturers for R/C power system and radio control related products in China.


    Our company has been established in year 2008 with R&D team and manufacturing facility headquartered in Shenzhen, China. In addition to providing the highest standards of product expertise and customer service, we have established lasting relationships with retailers and distributors all over the world by being excellently attentive to their needs. We have earned a trusted reputation throughout the industry.


    We are proud to announce that SkyRC technology is ISO 9001:2008 certified, as we care customer satisfaction and a good system for continuously improving your business.


    SkyRC treasures those who can accomplish the goal with commitment and courage by encouraging creativity. Our staff consists of experienced modelers and engineers staying ready to help in selecting the right RC product for you. Whether you are a seasoned radio control hobbyist or a business owner who is looking to establish win-win strategic partnership with us in this fast growing hobby industry, we look forward to helping you get the right products to you.


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