eFuel 230W/17A Power Supply

    Model:    SK-200017

      The eFUEL can convert standard household power 100-240V AC to 13.8V DC power and supply max 17 amperes of continuous power. It delivers smooth and reliable power and it not only enables RacingStar RS16 Charger but also RacingStar RSTW Tire Warmer to dock directly without the use of messy DC cables. It can also be used with other DC devices.  
      Active PFC Design: smaller AC input current less interference, and conform to CE regulations.  
      Power Factor Correction (PFC)allows power distribution to operate at its maximum efficiency. There are two types of PFC, Active PFC and Passive PFC.  
      The preferable type of PFC is Active Power Factor Correction (Active PFC) since it provides more efficient power frequency. because active PFC uses a circuit to correct power factor, active PFC is able to generate a theoretical power factor of over 95%. Active Power Factor Correction also markedly diminishes total harmonics, automatically corrects for AC input voltage, and is capable of a full range of input voltage.  
      Two DC power outputs, total output power up to 17 amperes. Output 1 is located on the top and the output 2 is located on the right side of the power supply.  
      Worldwide operation: need not any alternative switcher, worldwide safe operation.  
      Nine LED indicates output power from minimum to maximum.  
      USB power 5 volts, 2100mA for iPad, mobile phone, digital cameras and etc.      
          It will turn on at 50 °C upon the temperature automatically.  
      Over current, over temperature protection.
    Short-circuit protection on output, safer and more reliable.
      There is DC output on the top of the power supply and it is designed for use with RacingStar RS16 Charger and RacingStar RSTW Tire Warmer. A pair of dual banana plugs which is used to connect the Charger/Tire  
      Warmer and power supply are included in the package.  

      Dimensions (L*W*H)  
      Input Voltage   100-240V AC
      Input AC Frequency   50-60Hz
      Output Voltage   13.8V DC±0.2V
      Output Current   17A±0.5A
      Current Overload Protection   ≥17.5A 500MS
      Input Fuse   5A Fuse
      Output Voltage Ripple   <150mV
      USB Output   5V / 2.1A
      Power Efficiency   91%
      Power Factor   >0.98
      Over Temperature Protection   65℃
      Cooling Method   Cooling Fan
      Operating Temperature   0-40℃
      Operating Humidity   0-90%
      Net weight   602g
      Specifications are typical;individual units might vary.Specifications are subject to change and improvement without notice.