Super Rider SR4 1/4 Scale RC Bike

    Model:    SK-700001



    A bike must be bold, distinctive and aggressively elegant. Here is our Super Rider- 1:4 scale dirt bike which will get your heart racing and your blood boiling.


    SKYRC Super Rider SR4 is a fully ready-to-run 1/4 dirt motocross. All electronics and other components are installed in the factory. The users only need to install the battery, and then it is ready to run. It is very stable even at very low speed. What’s more, it is also able to do quick brake and jump in every different terrain and can do the off-road function in a superior way.



     The point users concern most is the stability of the motocross. This newly-developed Super Rider SR4 features a revolutionary stability technology ESS (Electronic Stability System). This system consists of a gyro effect governor and an electronic gyro in rear wheel which makes the bike super stable when running. The users can adjust the RPM of the electronic gyro according to his request. There are 4 kinds of RPM that can be selected by user, 8000RPM, 10000RPM, 11000RPM and 12000RPM. The beginners can choose 12000RPM as the gyro effect is strong at this speed and the motocross will be more stable. When the users are familiar with the operation, he can choose lower RPM and the sensitivity of the motocross will be higher. Besides that, the oil shock absorbers in both front and rear wheel also make the SR4 much more stable than others.


    What is ESS ?



    Electronic Stability System 1



    Electronic Stability System 2



    Adjustable Gyro Effect Governer



     Gyro Effect Governer Board


    Power is everything in motocross, and the SR4 comes with Toro 540 class 3200KV Brushless Motor and Leopard 60A ESC V2. The motor and ESC are all assembles well in the factory and the users only need to connect a 2S or 3S Lipo battery to the motocross, it will ready to run. The battery case is located at the bottom of the motocross, it is simple and easy to take off the bolt, open the case, put the battery into it and lock the battery case. When the power system works, it will burn out monster power.  Even the motocross fall down, the monster power can make it stand up by itself. Users can run it wherever he feels like and however fast he wants. Up hills and flying over jumps or traveling on gravel and grass, dirt or pavement. Users can scream down straight away and corner with confidence.


    Toro 540 Class 3200KV Brushless Motor



    Leopard 60A ESC


    The anodized aluminum chassis and metal chain driver make the motocross strong and durable. And since it comes with 2.4GHz radio system, users can choose to go off-road riding on their own – or go for in-their face motocross racing against a pack of competitors!


    Anodized Aluminum Chassis




       Metal Chain Driver





    Oil-filled Shock Absorber




    Generally speaking, SKYRC Super Rider SR4 is a super stable motocross. With unique ESS technology, creative design and delicate workmanship, we believe you will have a totally different feeling when riding.



    - 1/4 Scale, strong and durable red anodized aluminum chassis and metal chain driver
    - Revolutionary stability technology ESS (Electronic Stability System)

    - Gyro effect governor
    - Monster power system, easy & quick installation and maintenance.

    - Selectable RPM suitable for both beginners and experienced player
    - Front/rear oil shock absorber.



    • Toro 540 Class 3200KV Brushless Motor
    • Leopard 60A ESC
    • 2.4G Radio
    • 2-3S LiPo Battery
    • Front Wheel:160mm
    • Rear Wheel:150mm
    • Length:525mm
    • Net Weight: 2700g
    • Weight:2760g

    1. RB-A010 Aluminum Front Upper Suspension Mount

    2. RB-A017 Aluminum Lower Upper Suspension Mount

    3. RB-B003 Aluminum Chassis Connector

    4.RB-B013 Aluminum Rear Chassis Brace

    Revised  2014-04-08