X1806 Motor

    Model:    SK-400018-01

      The SkyRC X1806 multirotor motor ,with refined material and dedicated production,is ideal for small to medium sized multirotors.  
      Professional balancing test greatly enchances the concentricity of the motor.   Genuine NMB bearings,
    low resistance.
    High purity copper windings , high conductivity.
      Leaf shaped front cap
    for cooling.
    Silicon cable for easy cut and neat wiring.
      Ideal choice for small to medium sized multirotors.
    Standard package comes with 4pcs motors (2pcs CW motor,2pcs CCW motors)included wire and screws.



      Rotor Poles   14
      Voltage   2-3S LiPo
      Stator   12
      Resistance   0.168Ω
      Weight   22g
      No Load Current   0.5A@11.1V
      Length   30mm
      Shaft   Φ2mm
      Diameter   23mm