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Diff Analyzer

Diff Analyzer
Data is vital
SkyRC has presented a Diff Analyzer for setting up and fine-tuning the hardness of differentials for 1/10th scale cars and Mini-Z. Diff Analyzer provides numeric data to which helps to assess or replicate a specific hardness. Changing the diff oil will not be by feeling or guessing anymore. The handy device helps measure the diff setting, ensuring consistent hardness after building and setup.
Tiny but Versatile
The Diff Analyzer have a precision unibody enclosure crafted from a single block of aluminum with anodized finish, resulting in thinner, more durable and incredibly beautiful designs. It comes out of the box with an adapter that allows you to measure 1/10th scale and Mini-Z. An adapter for 1/8th scale can be purchased optionally. Inside it is the key components that allow the spin and calculation of every kind of hardness of diff and viscosity of diff oil.
The analyzer is powered by any universal Micro USB output or a power bank.
The device comes in a pocketable dimension of 54x28x24.8 mm weighing 59 g only.
How to Use Diff Analyzer
  • Connect Diff Analyzer to a power bank or any regular Micro 5V USB port.
  • Connect the diff with the Diff Analyzer and press the power button. Diff Analyzer will show a numeric value for diff being tested. Test duration lasts around 3-5 seconds. Repeat the same procedure for other diffs to have numeric values to compare.
The viscosity of diff oil is sensitive to temperature. So temperatures variations can affect the measurement values. It is suggested to make the tests with similar temperatures environment.
The Diff Analyzer is delivered with an adapter for the diff measurement not assembled on the model. There is also an adapter which allows measuring directly on the model for all scales.
1/10 Adapter 1/10 Adapter
1/8 Adapter Mini-Z Adapter
DiffAnalyzer Instruction Manual V1.0 pdf
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