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Thermologger Duo

Motor or ESC failure is often caused by heat!
Heat and electronics do not mix.
Electronics are more efficient and reliable at lower temperatures. Running your motor and ESC as cool as possible is always a good idea. If you keep them cool, they should last longer and most likely increase your runtime.
Right Temperature
for Peak Performance
In all forms of powered RC gearing, the operating temperature of the main driving motor or engine is an important factor to consider for longevity and performance. The correct operating temperature will depend on the load or conditions the motor/engine must drive.
The operating temperature for gas, nitro engines has different characteristics and impacts on overall performance. Therefore, it's essential to understand the specific requirements and optimal operating temperature for your particular motor or nitro engine to ensure that it operates at peak performance and lasts as long as possible.
Above are maximum temperature values for different power forms that serve as informative sources*.
*This information is intended to serve as a reference point and not to cause alarm. In racing, many drivers aim for higher starting temperatures to optimize performance.
Know The Heat
Before It Destroys
Your RC Gadgets
When it comes to RC racing, Motors, speed controllers and batteries are some of the most expensive components. Most RC hobbyists, even gurus, have ever blown up one of these at some point and know the feeling of burning dollars to replace it or waiting weeks for warranty repair.
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with Data,
Not Guesswork
Checking the motor’s temperature is the most effective way to keep it from burning out.
You could do the risky touch test by placing your finger on the motor. If you can leave it n the motor for three seconds, you’re within the safe temperature zone.
But we don’t recommend that. The usual way to check your temps is to get a temp gun. However, such a thermometer can only give you an instant reading at a time. And it can never measure and save the continuous, ever-changing thermograph during the real RC runtime!
To make an educated decision on tweaking, SkyRC introduces Thermologger Duo to record and generate a visual thermograph!
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Dual Channel
& RC Guru Grade
The Thermologger Duo provides precise temperature measurement with a rapid response time. Its accuracy ranges from ±2.0℃(35.6℉) for temperatures between -20℃(-4℉) and 100℃(212℉) to ±2% for temperatures over 100℃(212℉). With K-type thermocouple temperature sensors that meet industrial standards, RC players can easily measure contact temperature on various components, such as motors, ESC, heatsinks, and wires. The dual-channel feature of the Thermologger Duo allows players to measure two different contacts simultaneously, effectively making it a portable two-channel telemetry thermal station!
The Thermologger Duo boasts a wide temperature detection range of -20℃-210℃(-4℉-410℉), and its sampling interval is adjustable from 1 to 5 seconds, making it suitable for most RC hobbyist scenarios.
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on The Go!
With its built-in Bluetooth, the Thermologger Duo allows instant communication via a mobile app, saying bye to cables.
Through the RC Gears app, you can easily read data, check thermographs, and troubleshoot problems, all while building successful modifications and maximizing runtime.
Using this free app, you can capture mechanical, electrical, and thermal measurements from this wireless-enabled thermologger. Measurements can be saved to your reading records, and you can reference them anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
Additionally, you can conveniently share measurements with other RC players via text or email, showing them exactly what you're tweaking.
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Easy to Use
Thermologger Duo is designed for easy installation in the field. The two pairs of 30 cm thermocouple wires are cut-to-length for many racing runtimes.
The set also includes high-quality copper foil stickers with excellent electrical conductivity, adhesion, flexibility, and temperature resistance. The stickers are made of flexible copper that can adapt to almost any shape.
Mount the logger with a fastener, cut the wires, and mount with a sticker; you are all set!
Better Over Time
The App will prompt whenever an update is detected! You can update the firmware to Thermologger Duo over OTA(On the Air), thanks to Bluetooth!
Long Battery Life
Thermologger Duo is compact in size, but it boasts a long battery life. It is powered by a CR2450 coin cell battery, which is included with the device and lasts for approximately ninety-six hours of continuous work* under normal operation. When the battery eventually runs out, it can be easily replaced by prying open the covers.
*A ninety-six hour battery life is tested by SkyRC labs. There may be some slight differences in the battery life for different batteries and scenarios. Please refer to the actual product for it.
<55 uA
<4.6 mA
5 Min.
Continuous Working
96 Hours
Size and Weight

Size: 38*30*16mm
Weight: Approx. 17.5g
Working Voltage: 2.4V~3.6V
Working Current: <4.6mA@DC3V
Battery Type: CR2450 3V Lithium Coin Battery
Measurement Range: -20℃~210℃ (-4℉~410℉)
Measurement Accuracy:
-20℃~100℃(-4℉~212℉): ±2.0℃(35.6℉)
>100℃(212℉): ±2%
Thermocouple Cable Length: 30cm
Thermocouple Type: Type K
Communication: BLE 5.0
Range: ≤15m Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃(32℉~104℉)
Working Humidity: 5%-90%(no condensation)
Storage Temperature: -10℃~50℃(14℉~122℉)
Storage Humidity: 1%-75%(no condensation)
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