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ToughPower 3000

Stay Airborne:
Your Portable Power Fortress
ToughPower 3000
ToughPower 3000 is a portable and fortified smart charging box meticulously designed to adapt to various complex natural environments. It boasts outstanding water, dust, rain, and impact resistance, ensuring stable operation across a wide temperature range.
Outfitted with a unified balance port and cutting-edge CAN communication capabilities, ToughPower 3000 can concurrently charge either two 12S or 14S 4.2V LiPo batteries or LiHV 4.35-4.5V high-voltage lithium batteries, reaching a peak output power of 3000W. With fast charge, slow charge, and battery maintenance modes, it caters to your distinct charging preferences."
The innovative design of its built-in battery compartment ensures that upon battery insertion, the charger instantly detects and begins charging, streamlining the tasks of charging, storing, and transporting batteries.
The single-screen layout is not only built to last but also embodies smart functionalities. It exudes a professional caliber while upholding the ease and utility of contemporary tech.
Reinforced Rugged Design: Resistant to
Compression and Impact
Crafted from specialized ABS material, the case boasts a wall thickness of 5mm. With reinforced and thickened edges, it provides strong impact resistance, ensuring a sturdy, durable build that offers enhanced battery protection. The unique concave-convex reinforcement design strengthens the box structure, making it easy to stack and ideal for modular transportation.
The folding mechanism features position self-checking, one-touch locking, and a dual anti-loosening system, ensuring safer operations. The integrated pull handle allows for effortless and efficient transitions between locations.
Waterproof, Dustproof, and Resilient
The charging module boasts a fully sealed design with triple-layer protection, achieving an IP67 rating. Impervious to rain, dust, or chemicals, it promises long-lasting durability. The military-grade case, with added sealing strips, enhances its waterproof and dustproof features, ensuring a clean charging environment for batteries.
Intuitive Operation
Simply choose between Fast Charge, Standard Charge, Slow Charge, or Maintenance Mode, then press the start button. Charging should be easy!
LCD Display: Clear Data at a Glance
During the charging process, the display screen provides real-time data on charging time, battery percentage, and the voltage of each individual cell.
Powerful Performance at Dual Channels
In Slow Charge mode, it can charge two batteries simultaneously, with a maximum charging power of 2800W.
In Fast Charge mode, a single channel can pump power up to 60A, allowing a 28000mA battery to be fully charged in as little as 15 minutes.
Save more charging time and boost charging efficiency.
Chinese and English Language Options
Switch freely between Chinese and English*, making the charger universally applicable worldwide.
*Press and hold the MODE button for 10 seconds to change the language.
Continuous Convection Airway
With its disc-wing fan blade design, noise is reduced while delivering powerful airflow pressure, significantly enhancing heat dissipation efficiency.
Innovative Circuit Design
and More Optimized Algorithm
Efficiency is significantly improved, and reliability is increased. Stability and durability are ensured through the stunning modular industrial design, considerate space layout, and selection of well-known brand components.
Better Protection with Conformal Coating
Anti-corrosion paint is applied to protect the key circuit's electronic components from extreme environments like moisture, mildew, and smoke corrosion. The charger's reliability and stability are ensured for outdoor work.
Go Green with Active PFC
Universal AC input
Innovative active PFC
Industrial-grade Power Management
Conversion Rate: UP to 93%

Active PFC uses a circuitry to correct the amount of power drawn to obtain the best ratio of power factor, achieving high efficiency, 93%. Which makes the product more stable and reduces the interferences to the power grid.
No PFC Circuit

AC input power:


Output Conversion Rate:

ToughPower 3000 with PFC Circuit

AC input power:


PFC Output Conversion Rate:

Great Technical Support
With years' expertise in power systems and accumulated architectural improvement, the software has been optimized to make the charger output current more stable and reliable.
Multiple Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Over-temperature Protection
Customers can rest assured of our quality safety and reliability.
Rugged Strength, Resilient Design
Dropping Test
Vibration Test
Smooth Pull Rod
Impact Resistance
Seeing is Believing
360 Viewing:
Feel every detail at every angle!
Click and drag to view the image.
Experience with AR!
Use AR to imagine how the charger will look, feel, and fit on your desktop. Use your Apple devices camera to scan the QR code or open this page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad for an AR preview of from every angle.
*The shown dimensions may differ from those of the actual product.
**iOS 13, iPadOS 13, ARCore 1.9, or higher Required.
Size and Weight

Housing Material: Plastic (Flame Retardant PC+ABS)
Size: 660mm×500mm×230mm
Weight: 15Kg
Power Supply
AC Input: 110-240V/50-60HZ
Type:Lithium Battery
LiPo Battery Cells:12S/14S
LiHV Battery Cells:12S/14S
AC 220V
Fast Charge Current: max. 45A single channel
Slow Charge Current: max. 20A single channel; max. 40A multi channels in total

AC 120V
Fast Charge Current: max. 1200W single channel
Slow Charge Current: max. 20A single channel; max. 1200W multi channels in total

Storage Discharge Power
Main Port: 80W Max.
Balance Port: 80W Max. (The current will be adjusted based on the balance port’s temp)

Max Charge Output Power
AC220V Output Power: 2800W ±10%
AC120V Output Power: 1200W ±10%

Discharge Power:60W
Charging Mode:Fast Charge, Slow, Storage
Working and Storage
Working Temperature: 0℃-40℃
Working Humidity: 0%-75%
Storage Temperature: -10℃-70℃
Storage Humidity: 0%-75%
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