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Signal Loss Alarm& Lost Aircraft Finder

SK-600073 Discontinued
Signal Loss Alarm & Lost Aircraft Finder
The Signal Loss Alarm & Lost Aircraft Finder is controlled by a tiny MCU. As simple device, it can be plugged into any servo/RX port, will detect the loss of TX signal and emit a loud 85dB alarm. Ideal for warning you if you have not turned off your RX power supply while in the pits, or if you are having trouble finding a model in the long grass, simply turn off your TX the alarm will sound and the red LED will start to blink! With its versatility and small size, the Signal Loss Alarm & Lost Aircraft Finder is a "must-have" accessory for fliers.
If you don't want the alarm to beep after one minute. You can disable one minute TX inactive warning by simply move the switch to mode 2.

  • Loud >85dB alarm gets your attention.
  • Built-in LED.
  • Can be used as a reminder to turn off the R/C receiver.
  • One minute TX inactive warning can be turn off (Mode 2).
  • Plugs into any standard 4.8 - 6.0 V DC powered receiver.
  • Average current draw is under 2.5mA when idle, 50mA during alarm.
  • Small size and weight (~7-grams).
Operating Voltage
5-6 volts DC
Alert Level
Storage Temperature
Operating Temperature
Current Consumption
< 50 mA (Working mode)
< 2.5 mA (Non-working mode)
SIGNAL LOSS ALARM Instruction Manual V1.20 pdf
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