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Dual Output LiPO Charger for Drones
Adjustable charging / 3 working modes / LCD screen

Maximum Charge Power


Maximum Charge Current

SkyRC PC1080 is a dual channel 6S LiPo charger for industrial application drones. It is reliable, safe and easy to operate while with comprehensive functionality, like battery voltage meter, internal resistance meter, LiHV charging mode, also the time saving synchronization mode.
Balance Charge
(6S LiPo)


Battery Voltage

Battery Resistance

Maximum Safety
AC Input
Storage Mode
Firmware update
Sophisticated industrial and
mechanical design, optimizes the space.
Selecting components from well-known brands,
guarantees stable quality and durability.

With 32-bit high-speed MCU, enhanced performance and functional capabilities are delivered!
High Frequency Capacitor
Using high spec large capacitor, ensures the charger can work properly for longer period of time.
Active PFC
Active PFC uses a circuitry to correct the amount of power drawn to obtain the best ratio of power factor, achieving high efficiency, 93%. Which makes the product more stable and reduces the interferences to the power grid.
Switched-mode Power Supply
Accepts power from mains supplies throughout the world.
Conformal Coating
Conformal coating helps electronics withstanding harsh environments, and protects them against moisture, dust, chemicals, corrosive attack and temperature extremes etc.It also ensures PC1080 having stable performance in the field.
Active PFC
Active PFC uses a circuitry to correct the amount of power drawn to obtain the best ratio of power factor, achieving high efficiency, 93%. Which makes the product more stable and reduces the interferences to the power grid.
Without PFC

AC Input Power


DC Output Power

With PFC

AC Input Power


DC Output Power

Automatically Charging 12 Packs of Batteries in Sequence
PC1080 pairing with G630 charging hubs, an automatic charging management system, can charge 12 packs of LiPo batteries in sequence, according to its remaining capacity (percentage), the one with highest capacity will be charged first (both channels applies the same rule).

Read more about G630  ›
Dual Ball Bearing High Speed Cooling Fans
Dual ball bearing high speed cooling fans with wing type blades design, provides good ventilation and a cool working condition.
High Density Fin-type Aluminum Heatsink
Fin-type design, large surface, greatly improving heat dissipation, ensures long time stable working performance.
LiPo & LiHV Supported
It can fast charge, balance charge and storage both LiHV and LiPo batteries. Press “UP” and “DOWN” key together to switch battery type.
3 Working Modes
Experienced Engineering Support
Hardware and firmware experienced times of optimization, to make the performance of the charger more stable and reliable. And it supports firmware upgrade for adding new function and/or further optimization.
Maximized Safety Protection
It has short circuit protection, reverse polarity protection and over temperature protection. And it complies with required regulations of CE, RoHS, FCC, proving to be safe and reliable for the designed usage.

Multi-Charger Synchronization
This function enables user to control 2 or more PC1080 charger at the same time via datacable. All the SLAVE channel will follows the settings of MASTER channel, which saves much time while charging a bunch of similar batteries.
Battery Internal Resistance Meter
With this function, internalresistance of each cell will be displayed on the screen. Internal resistance is a key feature which reflects the health status of the battery, the lower internal resistance indicates the higher battery quality. Also this value can help you pair your batteries.
Battery resistance Total resistance
What’s in the Box
AC Power Cord
Instruction Manual
Optional Part
The optional part is not included in the package. You need to purchase separately.
Input Voltage
Output Power
1080W (540W x 2)
Discharge Power
100W (50W x 2)
Charge Current
1.0-20.0A x 2
Balance Current
Battery Type
Battery Cell Count
Working Mode
Balance Charge Mode
Storage Mode
Charge Mode
Net Weight
PC1080 manual_V1.4 pdf
PC1080_Upgrade_Firmware_V1.08.zip zip
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