*6 digit
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In order to provide a guaranteed customer service to our customers, From November 2008.we have introduced an authentication system aimed at insuring that you, the customer, get maximum customer satisfaction from our products.

Please take some time to insure that you have purchased a genuine product by locating patented holographic label at the bottom of the charger unit. From 2013, following SKYRC chargers are with holographic label at the bottom of the charger unit,
B6 Charger SK-100002
B6AC ChargerSK-100008
Quattro B6AC ChargerSK-100013
To confirm your IMAX chargers authenticity, please make sure than you can locate the included holographic label on the charger. Anything other than the above shown Authentication label is not a genuine product from SkyRC.

To check the authenticity of the purchased unit, please scratch off the bottom part of the seal to reveal the 16 digit authentication number. In this authentication page, type in the 6 digit serial number and 16 digit numerical number and press enter. A message will appear to confirm whether your purchased product is genuine or not.