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iMAX B6 V2 Charger

iMax B6 is a design classic for RC hobbyists. So what does iMax stand for? When SkyRC as a startup back in 2006, debuted the very first charger, Max, SkyRC's founder, named it by his name, conceiving Infinite Innovation.
When SkyRC reorganized as a new business entity, the charger is rebranded as SkyRC B6 to optimize the entire product line.
It's as simple, functional, and iconic as in RC industry.
SkyRC discontinued some rarely used feature. SkyRC delivers more practical features, such as adjustable DC power output, floating charge for lead-acid battery, charging juice for the most well-known DJI Mavic.
It is still simply classic!
SkyRC B6 is a DC input high-performance, micro-processor controlled charge/discharge/DC/DC converter with battery management suitable for all mainstream battery types(LiPo / LiFe / Li-Ion / LiHV / NiMH / NiCd / Pb). The charger delivers dedicated 60W integrated power and charge current can up to 6A . Additionally, it supports DJI Mavic/Inspire Battery with maximum 4A charge power.
LiHV Battery
Battery Voltage
Battery Resistance
Program Data
Store / Load
DJI Mavic/Inspire
AGM & Cold
Charge Modes
XT60 Battery
Terminal Voltage
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Multi-purpose for Most Battery Chemistries
The juice box comes with the charging algorithm for the most common battery chemistries: LiPo, Li-Ion, LiHV, LiFe, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb (lead acid).
Battery Icon & Percentage of Charge & Discharge Display
It's more intuitive to indicate the current real-time battery power with the battery icon and percentage of charge & discharge.
Powerful and High Speed Micro Controller
ARM® Cortex®-M3 32 bits high speed processor, data process capability improves 20 times. Using industry leading 2.5V-5.5V wide range input voltage, has strong anti-interference ability.
Power Comparison
Compared with B6 charger, the version 2 provide 20% more charge power, making the charging process more efficient.
B6 V2, Max 60W charge power
B6, Max 50W charge power
XT60 Output Socket & Universal Balance Port
Dual DC Power Input (XT60 or DC Jack)
Temperature Sensor Port
DC/DC Converter
B6 V2 charger is integrated with DC power input, pumping max power of 60W with the voltage ranging of 5-26V and 1-6A current. With this charger, RC drivers have a convenient gadget to power their DC devices in the field, such as tire warmer, PIT light, etc.
Charging DJI Mavic/ Inspire Battery
Good news for DJI Mavic/Inspire pilots: SkyRC B6 V2 can charge batteries for DJI Mavic/Inspire with the maximum charge current of 4A.
AGM & Cold
Charge Modes for PB Battery
SkyRC B6 V2 can charge AGM battery and the PB battery at very low temperature.
Thermal Cutoff
Battery internal chemical reaction will cause the temperature to rise. Whenever the temperature threshold is reached, the charging process will be terminated. This function is available by connecting optional temperature sensor cable (SK-600040-01), which is not included in the package. You need to purchase it separately.
We are Certified, We are Qualified!
Our products comply with the laws and regulations into each country we ship. Our products are designed, tested and approved to meet worldwide standards for Product Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility and other regulatory compulsory requirements, when used for their intended purpose.
Screws or parts may differ from website images without prior notice due to availability and other factors. Rest assured that we ensure the function stays integrated!
Size and Weight
Case Material: Aluminium
Case Size: 115x84x31mm
Weight: 238g
Display Type: LCD
display backlight: Blue
DC Input:11-18V
Charge Wattage: 60W
Discharge Wattage: 5W
DC Output Wattage: 60W
Battery Types/ Cells:
LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/ Li-Ion: 1-6 cells
NiMH/NiCd: 1-15 cells
Pb: 2-20V
DJI Mavic: 3 cells(LiHV)
DJI Inspire: 4 cells(LiHV)

Battery Capacity Range:
NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/Li-Ion/Pb/DJI: 100-50000mAh
Charge Current:
NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/LiHV/LiFe/Li-Ion/Pb: 0.1-6A
DJI Mavic/ Inspire: Max 4A
Discharge Current: 0.1-2A
Balance Cells: 2-6 cells
Balance Current: 300mA/cell
Safety Timer: 1-120minutes off
Memory: 10 different charge/ discharge profiles
B6 V2 Instruction Manual V1.0 (EN) pdf
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