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SK-910009 Discontinued

  Lower Battery
Position Design
  4mm Thick
Unibody Main Plate
  Adjustable Camera
  Motor Protector
With Led Light
  XT60 Battery
  Multi Function
Power Hub
  Carbon fiber frame with lower battery position design which can optimize the center of gravity.  
  A unibody main plate made of 4mm thick and top plate 1.5mm thick to ensure the durability and performance.  
  10 degree/20 degree camera mounting board adjustable for FPV racing.      
      Equipped with motor protection
mount with LED light to protect the motor when crash.
      With XT60 battery connector pre-installed on the frame, which is more convenient when DIY.
Pre-installed multi Function Power Hub, comes with six function:    
• Power Distribution • Micro USB Power
• BEC 5V/3A Output • Low Voltage Alarm
   BEC 12V/1.3A Output • Lost Plane Finder
• LED Light Controller  
  ESC   Motor  
  20A BLHeli(SK-300068-01)   X2204 2300KV(SK-400017-01)  
  Flight Controller   Battery  
  NAZE 32 rev6 (SK-600100-01)   3S, 1300-1800mAh≥40C
4S, 1000-1500mAh≥50C
  5030, 5040      

  • Power Distribution   • Micro USB Power
  BEC 5V/3A Output   • Low Voltage Alarm
  BEC 12V/1.3A Output
  • LED Light Controller   • Lost Plane Finder

FX180&FX210 Instruction Manual V1.20 pdf
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