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Charge Your Passion:
SkyRC neo Series Chargers
Experience the future of RC charging with SkyRC neo Series: robust power, sleek design, and precision technology. These chargers aren't just for batteries—they're for igniting your passion for RC adventures.
Power Meets Precision with neo!
There's a neo Charger for All
Whether you're at home or in the field, the Neo series chargers are your perfect companion. From the ultra-compact B6neo, perfect for the casual enthusiast, to the powerhouse D200neo or Q200neo, designed for the serious hobbyist, there's a neo charger tailored for every need.
Power Beyond Charging:
Efficiency and Reliability with Every Connection.
Neo chargers are more than just devices; they are gateways to efficiency and reliability.
With state-of-the-art features like high-speed balance charging, multifunctional capabilities as digital power supplies, and seamless user interfaces, each model is meticulously designed to enhance your charging process while ensuring safety with advanced protective measures.
SkyRC neo series chargers are where charging meets innovation, and every session promises performance, reliability, and speed.
Charge smart, play harder!
Precision Power in a
Sleek Package
The neo series chargers boast impressive capabilities, delivering up to 200W of power when connected to DC and up to 80W via USB PD input. These chargers use a proprietary rectifier circuit to efficiently convert DC into safe D/C power, while the onboard MCU precisely controls the charging process to minimize power loss. Each neo charger is designed to maximize efficiency and performance, offering advanced power delivery options in an incredibly compact form factor, catering to all your charging needs.
Discharging Multiplied
by Balance Port
The built-in balance port enables neo chargers to discharge faster, discharging at up to 37W when used in conjunction with the main port.
So. neo.
So is
Digital Power
Not only is the neo charger a pinnacle of professional performance, but it also doubles as a digital power supply.
With a simple menu click, the neo charger transforms to meet your specific needs, delivering an adjustable voltage range of 1-30V* in precise 0.1V increments and a customizable current setting from 0.1 to 15A*.
Experience true versatility with neo chargers!
* The specific values differ depending on the model!
Easy to Charge,
Easy on the Eyes.
Discover the innovative ColorX interface on neo chargers, featuring a sleek design with light cyan and green hues optimized for RC charging. Its Web2.0 responsive menu and intuitive icons enhance usability for smartphone users.
Say goodbye to dull interfaces and hello to a vibrant, engaging UI that makes charging far from boring!
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