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Xiamen 3 Days trip - Happy 5th Anniversary

2 August 2013

White means young and vigorous; 5 means 5th anniverary of SKYRC team. With number 5 white T-shirts, SKYRC, a young team full of creativity, activity, happiness, had a 3 days trip to Xiamen


SKYRC family becomes stronger and stronger


Riding bike on Xiamen annulus island road, the main track of Xiamen International Marathon and the track known as the world's most beautiful Marathon. We had a nice time there in the morning!




In the second day afternonn, we went to Gulanyu, a car-free island off the coast of Xiamen to enjoy it's delicate natural beauty, ancient relics & varied architectures



In the third day morning, we went to Wanshi Botanic Garden for riding cable car






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