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Charger Master V2.02 & V3.02 Update Notice

1 September 2015

Dear Customers,


Charger Master V2.02 & V3.02 which are compatible with Win 10 is available now.

Please download from the item link if you need.


The Charger Master will be installed in C disc as default.

For windows safety protection, you may not be able to run it after installation.

In this case, please try to run again as administrator.

If your PC has D or other disc, we suggest you to change the installation path to D or other disc manually.

Then there will be no such issue.


PS:Charger Master V2.** is compatible with following SkyRC chargers,

SK-100069 1000W


Charger Master V3.** is compatible with following SkyRC chargers,

SK-100089 D100

SK-100097 D200




SkyRC Team

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