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B6 mini & B6 AC V2 & B6 AC + V2 – Firmware V1.13 Update

24 October 2015

Dear Customers,


New firmware V1.13 for B6 mini & B6 AC V2 & B6 AC + V2 is now available.

Please download from below link,




Here are the updates,

1. Add LiHV mode

2. When charging Lithium battery in charge, fast charge, storage modes, balance connection is not required. And it can be disabled/enabled in system setting.


Note: Charger Master V2 is compatible with LiHV mode. So after you update the charger with LiHV mode, please replace Charger Master V1 with V2 in your PC.


Please follow below steps to do the update,

1. Connect the charger and PC with USB cable

2. Power on the charger

3. Start the update program and click “update” to start the process

4. Restore factory defaults when the update process is finished.


If you have any questions about the update, please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for your always support to SkyRC.






SkyRC Team

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