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23 June 2016
Dear Customers,


Thank you very much for your support to SkyRC.


The wait is over, latest Firmware V1.11 for MC3000 charger is available now. 

Since the V1.03 several new functions were added and many bugs including critical ones were fixed. 

Download the update package and try the new functions:






1, Please download and unpack the ‘.rar’ file;

2, Read the included TXT file;

3. Follow the instructions from the TXT file.


Also check out the other MC3000 new downloads: 

The PC Link software got a slight update, and the instruction manual was updated to cover all changes.

We are also adding more languages, so that more people can experience what we continue to believe is the most joyful charger of its kind!



SkyRC Team


PS: Let us know your ideas for more or improved functions. Realistic ones preferred ;)

For nicely *printed* instruction manuals in your own non-English language and for guaranteed warranty service please consider buying the charger retail package from a local vendor. We are aware of printed manuals by vendors and distributors in languages other than English, feel free to inquire. Please support local vendors whenever you can, appreciated, thanks!

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