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[Update] D400 New Firmware V1.03 Released

25 November 2016

Dear Customers,


The latest firmware v1.03 for D400 is available now.

Please download upgrade package from below link:


Charge programs for TB47, TB48, TB47S, TB48S DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries get.


Upgrade process:

1. Download and extract the upgrade application;

2. Connect the charger to computer via USB cable;

3. Warning message 'DC IN TOO LOW' will be shown on the screen if not powered the charger;

4. Open the upgrade application;

5. Click 'Upgrade', 2 seconds later, message 'Some data was send!' will be shown on the application;

6. Congratulations, when message 'Upgrade complete' appears.

7. Please load factory settings in both channels after the upgrade process is done.



Do not interrupt the upgrade process, or may cause permanent damage to the charger.


Check video for reference:




SkyRC Team

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