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[Update] PC1080 Firmware V1.05

25 December 2017

Dear Customers,

Latest firmware version 1.05 enables a new charging mode of PC1080 (SK-100124).

To explain the function of the new mode, a brief introduction of G630 is needed:

G630 is a charging management device, it allows PC1080 to charge 12 batteries automatically in some sequence.

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To complete the upgrade successfully, please pay attention to below:

1. make sure your computer has connected to GND.

2. never interrupt the upgrade process, otherwise may cause permanent damage to the charger.

3. for PC1080 model SK-100124 only.

Upgrade process:

1. Download upgrade tool http://www.skyrc.com/help/download/charger/PC1080/PC1080_Upgrade_Firmware.rar;

2. Open "PC1080_Upgrade_Firmware.exe";

3. Connect USB cable to SK-100124 (one channel at a time);

4. Click 'upgrade' button;

5. When 'upgrade complete' shows up, congratulations your PC1080 is up to date.

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