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[Update] MC3000 Firmware V1.14

12 June 2018

Dear Customers,


The latest firmware V1.14 for MC3000 is available now.

Download the upgrade package from the link below and try the new functions.


The notable changes are as follows:

1. Fixed the routine timer Time in SOV by removing its internal limitation


2. Fixed the Average update in SOV after the first 24 hours into the routine


3. Made the average voltage Average available at the PC Link interface


4. Added another supported battery chemistry, Lithium Titanate batteries (LTO)


5. Added four additional shortcuts for favorite programs. Access by pressing <DOWN+SNB> buttons


6. Changed clicking <UP/DOWN> button in TOV to long-pressing for invoking DDV


7. Changed the RAM default discharge cutoff voltage in SPV from 0.80V and the lowest 0.70V to 0.90V and 0.50V respectively


8. Removed the manual procedure for unlocking RAM, default remains Hide:Yes in GSV


9. Fixed the routine TIME counting during C. RESTING when doing NIMH Cycle C>D


10. Fixed some counting bug of TIME and TOTAL in beta firmware


Please follow below steps to do the update,

3 Steps:

1. Download and unpack the ‘.rar’ file;

2. Read the included TXT file;

3. Follow the instructions from the TXT file.

4. (optional) After the upgrade has completed, feel free to top the procedure off with a manual factory reset in GSV.

5. (optional) Finally, also do 1 power cycle: power off the device, wait 7 seconds, then power it on again.



During this entire period the LCD screen stays blank, Do NOT interrupt the data transfer, and do NOT disturb the process, the device,the PC,

for example by plugging or unplugging other USB devices or activating Bluetooth or similar, at any time during the updating procedure because

this would lead to permanent damage of the device!


Also check out the other MC3000 new download:

The instruction manual was updated to cover all changes.



SkyRC Team

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