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[Update] D250 Firmware V1.03 Released

18 September 2018

Dear Customers,

The latest D250 firmware V1.03 is available now.

Please download from below link,


Following bugs have been fixed in firmware V1.03
1.Improve voltage accuracy for single cell.
2.Support Charger Master V3

Please follow steps below to update the firmware,
1.Connect the PC and charger via USB cable.
2.Power on the charger.
3.Start the Upgrade Program in PC, and it will display “Some data was send” after 5 seconds.
4.Click “Upgrade” button in the program, and the charger screen will display” SYSTEM UPDATE PLEASE WAIT......”
5.When the program displays “Upgrade Complete”, the upgrading process finishes.

1.Make sure the PC connects to the ground line or the charger will get damaged.
2.Do NOT interrupt the data transfer, and do NOT disturb the process, the device, the PC,for example by plugging or unplugging other USB devices at any time during the updating procedure because this would lead to permanent damage of the device.

Note: After you upgrade the firmware to V1.03, please also upgrade the Charger Master to V3.04 which supports D250.

If you have any problems about the upgrade, please send email to [email protected] 

SkyRC Team
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