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[ New Product ] Unleash the Power B6neo

29 May 2023

SkyRC proudly presents the B6neo, the compact yet powerful successor to the iconic iMax B6 charger. Smaller than a credit card, the B6neo offers 200W of charging power on DC and up to 80W with a USB PD input. This 2-in-1 device also serves as a battery checker for various types of Lithum Battery. Featuring a proprietary rectifier circuit and precise MCU control, the B6neo optimizes charging efficiency within its compact design. Experience a visually engaging, user-friendly charging process with our new ColorX interface, available in multiple languages. The B6neo merges power, style, and efficiency, elevating the RC charging paradigm.

SkyRC once again raises the bar for RC charging. Power meets portability in the B6neo. Join us on this legendary journey.

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