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60A 12/14S/ 3000W
PC3000H  LiPo/LiHV Quattro Battery Charger
The Right Charger
For Your Agricultural Drone
Intelligent Fast
12/14S LiPo/LiHV Quattro Battery Charger
The more energy-intensive LiHV(4.35V) stands for Lithium-polymer High Voltage batteries. It has been around and getting more popular for quite some time. With the LiHV batteries, we can expand this voltage from the conventional 4.2V to 4.35V per cell.
This is almost 16% increase in capacity means a lot to the field productivity!
With CAN communication integrated, PC3000H is a smart charger for smart batteries, legacy lithium batteries and LiHV batteries(4.35V).
It can connect with up to four batteries at the same time. The maximum output power is up to 3000W, and users can choose between four modes of Fast Charge/Standard Charge/Charge/Storage.

The charger can recognize the batteries instantly and charge automatically with customized CAN communication. Charging should be a more convenient and straightforward experience.
Maximum Charge Circuit
Power of 3000W
Max Current 60A
Safety & Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Intuitive Interface
Routine charging is made easy by the simple and intuitive interface with the operation procedure simplified. Users only need to select Fast(Fast Charge)/Standard(Standard Charge)/Charge(Slow Charge)/Storage and press the Start button to get the job started.
LCD Display
Real-time data at a glance!
During the charging process, the screen displays charging time, battery percentage, and every single cell's voltage in real-time.
LCD Display
Real-time data at a glance!
During the charging process, the screen displays charging time, battery percentage, and every single cell's voltage in real-time.
High Performance on
Four Channels
With high power on four channels, four batteries can be charged simultaneously in charge mode at a maximum charging power of 3000W with the AC input 220V.
A 28000 mAh battery can be fully charged in 15 minutes: charging time is saved significantly and charging efficiency is improved.
*If the voltage is lowered to 120V, the power will be reduced to no more than 1200w.
CAN Bus Ready
PC3000H charger comes with the built-in CAN Bus communication. It can charge smart batteries, common lithium batteries and LiHV batteries(4.35V) with balance ports in different circumstances.
Battery Life Extended
with Pre-charge
The charger can detect the battery pack's overall voltage through the balance port and intelligently adjust the charging current according to the battery voltage.
English-Chinese Interface
The language can be switched between English and Chinese freely to allow the charger to be used worldwide.
Optimized Design
through the Convection Air Duct
The wing blade design reduces noise, provides high-wind performance, and significantly improves heat dissipation efficiency.
Effectively filtering
dust and sediment with a high-quality ventilator
Ventilators are mounted at the end of the fan convection. They are detachable which are easy to remove and clean: dust, sand, and other harmful substances are effectively filtered.
Rubber Cover: better protection for the charging port
Covering the charging ports with the premium and environment-friendly rubber cover while not in use can avoid corrosion and oxidation and extend the lifespan.
Compact but Powerful
PC3000H is highly optimized in structure while maintaining a better volume-to-power ratio. The charge is simply easy to carry in so compact size.
Innovative Circuit Design
and More Optimized Algorithm
Efficiency is significantly improved, and reliability gets increased. Stability and durability are ensured through the stunning modular industrial design, considerate space layout, and selection of well-known brand components.
Better Protection with Conformal Coating
Anti-corrosion paint is applied to protect the key circuit's electronic components from extreme environments like moisture, mildew, and smoke corrosion. The charger's reliability and stability are ensured for outdoor work.
Go Green with Active PFC
Universal AC input
Innovative active PFC
Industrial-grade Power Management
Conversion Rate: UP to 93%

Active PFC uses a circuitry to correct the amount of power drawn to obtain the best ratio of power factor, achieving high efficiency, 93%. Which makes the product more stable and reduces the interferences to the power grid.
No PFC Circuit

AC input power:


Output Conversion Rate:

PC3000H with PFC Circuit

AC input power:


PFC Output Conversion Rate:

Great Technical Support
With years' expertise in power systems and accumulated architectural improvement, the software has been optimized to make the charger output current more stable and reliable.
Multiple Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Polarity Protection
Over-temperature Protection
Customers can rest assured of our quality safety and reliability.
Size and Weight

Housing Material: Plastic (Flame Retardant PC+ABS)
Size: 294mmx139mmx282mm
Weight: 6Kg
Type:Lithium Battery
LiPo Battery Cells:12S/14S (4.2V)
LiHV Battery Cells:12S/14S (4.35V)
AC 220V
Fast Charge Current: max. 60A single channel
Standard Charge Current: max. 30A single channel,max. 60A Dual channels in total
Slow Charge Current: max. 20A single channel; max. 60A multi channels in total

AC 120V
Fast Charge Current: max. 1200W single channel
Slow Charge Current: max. 20A single channel; max. 1200W multi channels in total

Storage Discharge Power
Main Port: 50W Max.
Balance Port: 80W Max. (The current will be adjusted based on the balance port’s temp)

Max Charge Output Power
AC220V Output Power: 3000W
AC120V Output Power: 1200W

Discharge Power:60W
Charging Mode:Fast charge /Standard Charge/ Charge / Storage
Working and Storage
Working Temperature: 0℃-40℃
Working Humidity: 0%-75%
Storage Temperature: -10℃-70℃
Storage Humidity: 0%-75%
100188_PC3000H_Manual_1.0_EN_220525 pdf
PC3000_Firmware_Update_1.11.zip zip
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