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Program Box


  SkyRC Program Box is a very sophisticated electronic device that controlled by high performance microprocessor. With compact size and easy operation, SkyRC Program Box offers six-in-one functions:  
  1. ESC Setting   4. Servo Tester  
  2. PC Interface - Link ESC to PC   5. Motor KV/RPM Tester  
  3. Input PPM Signal Monitor   6. LiPo Battery Monitor  
  Equipped with a 16Chr.*2 Lines LCD screen, the user interface is intuitive and easy to read. There are four keys in front panel which can be used to operate the box for all functions. The ports for motor sensor, USB, I/O connector and battery balance connector located on sides of the box which is clear and easy to use.  
  When you want to program the ESC precisely, we used to connect it to the PC. But sometimes, when you are running cars outside, it is not convenient to take PC, even laptop with you. At this time, you could use this device as Program Box to set all the parameters of ESC with maximum precision. Simply plug connect it to the ESC and set all parameters precisely in a short time as you wish.  
  What's more, it can also work as SkyLINK, an USB adaptor which can be used to link the ESC with a PC, and you can update the firmware of the ESC or programming the ESC by SkyLINK software on PC.  
The PPM Signal Monitor function enables you to
check the output voltage of the receiver and the
radio's PPM signal width and frequency.
  No need to power on your transmitter, you could check the servo function easily. Connect the servo to the Program Box, get the information of input voltage, servo travel position and peak current. There are two modes: one is Swing Mode and the other is Manual Mode. Both modes are easy to operate.  
  Wondering about your motor information? Connect your motor to this small device, input initial setting, move the throttle of the transmitter, then you can read the value of motor KV, RPM and input voltage on the screen.  
  It is also a very good device to check your LiPo battery situation at any place, any time. You could use it to check the total cell number, total voltage, each cell voltage, highest voltage and lowest voltage and the voltage difference between the highest voltage and lowest voltage.  

  Input Voltage (ESC Setting)   6-10VDC
  Input Current (ESC Setting)   500mA
  Idle Current (ESC Setting)   <20mA
  Operating Temperature   0-40ºC
  Storage Temperature   -10 — 60 ºC
  Operating Humidity   10 - 90%RH
  Storage Humidity   20 - 75%RH
  Protection Class   IP20
  Weight   40g
PROGBOX_Instruction_Manual_EN_V1.0 pdf
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