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NC2200 Charger

This SkyRC NC2200 AA/AAA battery charger-analyzer charges up to 4 batteries at once, so you can quickly power your electronic devices. The visual charging status keeps you informed on when your batteries are ready for use.
It can handle 1 to 4 AA and AAA NiMH/NiCD rechargeable batteries via four independent charging slots with its respective interface.
With the wide-viewing VA screen, the charger displays Current, Capacity, Internal Resistance, Voltage, Elapsed Time, and working mode at a glance. Meanwhile, the charging graph and firmware upgrading can be accessible with the SkyCharger app if you connect the optional Bluetooth Dongle.
All In One
Turbo Charge
Battery Matching
Battery Rescue
Battery IR Measurement
4 Independent Slots
Stunning VA Screen
NC2200 on a Power Chip.
The Cortex-M3 processor is specifically developed for high-performance, cost-effective platforms for various devices, including microcontrollers, automotive body systems, industrial control systems, and wireless networking and sensors.

Thanks to Cortex-M3 by ARM, NC2200 can complete real-time acquisition of battery voltage and current, and the charging process under intelligent control. It can automatically calculate the remaining charging time of the battery and adjust the parameters. System management circuit also has a protective function, which can prevent damage to the battery from overcharge and overtime.
32 - BIT
Core Processor
Interrupts, plus NMI
Interrupt Latency
5 Modes to Stay
Charged & Healthy
NC2200 comes with five operation modes: Turbo(fast charge), Charge, Discharge, Refresh & Analyze and Break-in. With these five modes, you can charge, optimize your battery, and even you can rescue the battery from dying.
TURBO (Fast charge)
Fast charge with a large current of 2.2A for the batteries that are needed urgently.
*This mode assumes batteries must perform very well. The charger will detect the battery resistance automatically under TURBO mode. If the battery resistance is more than 40mΩ, the value and LED red indicator will be blinking, and the charger will stop working to protect the battery.
Charge the battery at a programmable charge rate.
*Useful when the battery needs to be recharged without determining the capacity. Applicable for charging the batteries in a good performance and continuous use.
Discharge the battery at a programmable discharge rate.
This mode is used to determine the battery's performance based on the actual capacity it can hold. It's applicable for batteries stored for more than two weeks and less than three months or for batteries that are not performing well.
Applicable to those batteries not performing well and determine the actual capacity of the battery.
Applicable for new batteries and those stored for more than three months. The BREAK-IN mode is to activate the battery with a small charge and discharge rate in a charge-discharge-charge sequence.
This process is also well-known as BATTERY FORMATTING and applicable to the batteries that cannot be rescued by the REFRESH & ANALYZE mode.
Overheating is Prevented
The internal resistance of the battery usually increases as it is used.
When the battery is used for a long time, its internal resistance will increase. The internal resistance consumes part of the electric energy when charging and causes the battery to heat up simultaneously.
SkyRC deploys an innovative FlexiPulse algorithm for internal resistance detection in this charger.
Once a high internal resistance is detected, the charge current will automatically decrease to reduce the overall heating and protect the battery.
Battery Internal Resistance
Charge Rate
Stunning Display:
Deep Blacks and Bright Whites
In high contrast black and white, current, capacity, internal resistance, voltage, elapsed time and working mode are displayed stunningly at a glance.
Rescue a Battery
to Further Life!
Any useless battery in your drawer?
With NC2200, users can try to rescue useless or none-performing-well batteries. Regardless that it is against the law to dispose of these batteries improperly, you have some chance to save the almost dead batteries.
After trying all the modes as in the manual, refer to the battery rescue steps as simple as 1-2-3:
1. Use the REFRESH & ANALYZE mode once to three times.
2. Change to BREAK-IN mode if the capacity is still low.
3. If the second steps can improve the battery capacity by more than 10%, please try BREAK-IN mode once to three times again. If there are no significant improvements and the actual battery capacity is less than 60% of its rated capacity. The battery would probably be at the end of its life and needs to be replaced.
4 independent slots
4 independent slots
NC2200 can charge 1 to 4 AA and AAA NiMH/NiCD rechargeable batteries through its four independent charging slots, each of which is AA/AAA compatible mechanically.
Interactive LED Feedback
Interactive LED Feedback
The four LED can reflect the real-time status of the respective slot
Solid Red: charging
Solid Green: complete
Match Well, Perform Better
Most electronic devices usually require two or more batteries to be used together. In this circumstance, the overall performance will be limited by the worst battery.
In other words, the poorly performing battery will affect the operating time of the device. We can understand battery matching as group batteries with similar actual capacity.
Grouping batteries by similar capacity will maximize the battery series' efficiency.
You can group batteries easily in the Refresh mode!
Extend the battery's life with Formatting
The battery formatting refers to activating the battery with a small charge and discharge rate in a charge-discharge-charge sequence.
With NC2200, battery formatting can be done in Break-in mode.
In some circumstances, this process may need to be repeated two to three times.
Extend the battery's life with Formatting
NC2200 will start working automatically to the last remembered setting if the charger worked once and its power uninterrupted.
When programming in 5 modes, you apply one slot's setting to all the rest slots, PRESS & HOLD the ENTER button for two seconds.
You can view NC2200 via your smartphone via the optional Bluetooth dongle. The free SkyCharger app gives you a more intuitive experience: all data is displayed at a graphic interface with a charging graph!
With the recorded data on the app, you can easily analyze your battery's performance!
You can view NC2200 via your smartphone via the optional Bluetooth dongle. The free SkyCharger app gives you a more intuitive experience: all data is displayed at a graphic interface with a charging graph!
With the recorded data on the app, you can easily analyze your battery's performance!
*Scan the QR code above to download the SkyCharger app
With the battery charged by NC2200, the car will be faster and run for a longer time. This is the best charger I've ever used. It's very user-friendly with an intuitive interface and interactive LED. Also, the charging graph and firmware update is available via the smartphone app with the optional Bluetooth module connected. I love it very much! Its price is also fair.
―――― 島村一郎
Inside the Box
NC2200 Charger
Instruction Manual
12V/2A Power adaptor
Size and Weight
Dimension: 112.1*108*62 mm
Weight: 370g
Other Parameters
Battery Type: NiMH/NiCD
Battery Size: AA/AAA
Charge Rate: 0.2-2.2A w/ increments of 0.1A
Discharge Rate: 0.1-1.0A w/ increments of 0.1A
Discharge Termination Voltage: 0.9V
Supported Capacity: 500-3200mAh
Capacity Protection: 3200mAh
Input Power: DC 12V/2.0A
-△V: 5mV

NC2200 Instruction Manual V2.1 pdf
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