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TORO X8 PRO V3 Motor

SK-400031 Discontinued
1/8 Brushless Motor
TORO X8 Pro V3, with four magnetic poles and built-in Hall sensors, can deliver very high torque levels. The dynamically balanced high-precision rotor, making the explosive and stable power, allows the racers to flexibly control the car.

Designed for 1/8 scale racing off road buggy, this series of sensored brushless motor comes with a 5mm shaft, 12-slot stator and 4-pole motor. It supports both sensorless and sensored speed controller.
  • 1/8 scale competition sensored brushless motor
  • T6 Aluminum Shell with CNC Forming Process
  • High Torque with 12-Slot Stator and 0.2mm Silicon-steel Sheets
  • Neodymium Sintered Magnet Rotor
  • Welding Pieces of Copper with Low Resistance
  • Japanese Durable Bearing with High RPM
  • Pure Copper Coil with High Conductivity
  • High Current Silicone Wire
  • Reinforced 5mm Shaft
  • Replaceable Rotor
High RPM & High Torque
with Robust Explosive Force
The high RPM and high torque, giving a powerful explosive force, will mostly help the racer win in the field.
Adjustable Timing
Loosen three screws on the endbell and rotate the endbell counter to align timing marks on the endbell, changing the torque and efficiency to reach the best performance. Increasing timing increases rpm and motor temps but decreases torque, efficiency, and runtime.
Quality Materials & Excellent Design
With high-hardness aluminum CNC shell, high-conductivity pure copper coil, high-toughness alloy shaft, high-current silicone wire, high-quality Japanese bearings and super-thin silicon steel sheets, SkyRC TORO X8 PRO V3 brushless motor guarantees racers' excellent performance and outstanding reliability.
NSK High-quality Bearing High RPM & Oversized Bearings Front Endbell Case High Purity Copper Windings 4-Pole Rotor Timing Sensor Assembly Fixed Screw Solder Tabs 12-Slot Stator Rear Endbell Fixed Screw
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